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Pre-Vocational Services

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The Opportunities Unlimited Vocational Department guides individuals in performing the tasks involved in their chosen profession. Vocational Counselors provide direct care to assist persons served in reaching their vocational goals. (The pride, passion and self-esteem Opportunities Unlimited employees show in themselves and the job they do, creates a positive attitude among the entire Opportunities Unlimited team which is reflected in the demeanor of the persons served and in influencing their successes while reaching their outcome goals.)

The OU Vocational Department works with community partners to provide vocational learning opportunities to the persons served. These partnerships may involve contracted work done at the OU Center or out in the community by the persons served under the guidance and direction of OU Vocational department staff.

With the variety of vocational opportunities available at OU, individuals are able to hone their skills in a variety of ways!

To find out if you or a loved one might qualify for Pre-Vocational Services contact OU at: 712-277-8295

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