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Annual Angels

AmosMeet Amos...

Amos, also, known as "'Famous Amos" is 19 years old and moved into one of the OU residences after graduating from Woodbury Central High School in Moville.

Amos was born with Cerebral Palsy and had a stroke when he was just 1 day old. Amos has a remarkable story.

"Ever since I was a kid," said Amos, "people have told me I will never sit up, walk, finish a year of school or get a driver's license. I've DONE all of that. I have very high expectations for myself."

One of his biggest passions is basketball. While Amos uses a wheelchair for long distances you will find him in the OU gym every afternoon sinking shot after shot on the basketball court. In his junior and senior year Amos was the basketball manager for Woodbury Central.

Amos is currently a student at WITCC and hopes to one day be a basketball coach.

Aside from receiving services at OU, Amos wants to acknowledge that he has had several surgeries covered by the Shriner's in Minneapolis over the years and they cover the costs for his braces and bi-annual check-ups.

His sheer determination and his hard work to beat the odds is why Amos was selected as this year's Annual Angel.

"If people tell me I can't do something I'm going to find a way to do it," said Amos. "While I really like OU, my next goal is to live on my own. I've made it this far so I'm just going to keep pushing."

Donate Using PayPal

Donate Using PayPal

Your Annual Angel donation will be utilized to provide the clients served by Opportunities Unlimited with items and opportunities that would otherwise be unattainable with their limited personal funds. Annual Angel Funds are used to:

  • Purchase age-appropriate toys and learning materials
  • Purchase necessary items for a client that the family cannot afford on their own- winter coats, shoes, etc.
  • Provide opportunities for community integration such as sporting, musical, and theatrical events
  • Purchase therapeutic equipment to improve range of motion, strength, and dexterity
  • Any other item or activity that may enhance a client's quality of life or aid in reaching his or her goals

All proceeds from the Annual Angel Campaign directly benefit the children and adults being served by Opportunities Unlimited in the Siouxland community. Giving to the Annual Angel fund is simple. Your pledge can be completed at a frequency of your choice (annually, semi-annually, quarterly, monthly, etc.) and Opportunities Unlimited accepts all forms of payments (check, cash, Visa, MasterCard, direct payments, matching gifts, etc.).

Upon completion of the full Angel amount ($365 or greater) you will receive a precious OU keepsake to thank you for the magnitude of your gift as well as a place of recognition on the Angel Wall at the entrance of the Opportunities Unlimited Center.

Donate Using PayPal